Chuck Roast on the Big Green Egg

This is a simple way to make a chuck roast on your Egg or traditional smoker. I love smoking pork shoulders or "butts" , but this is something a little different that I am sure you will enjoy. This can be served by itself with or without sauce, on a sandwich or even tacos. The smoke adds a lot of flavor. While cooking a beef roast in a crock pot or oven will provide tender meat, it is often bland.

First get a nice roast from your butcher, in this case I chose a Chuck roast because of the extra fat which will render down during the cook. I rubbed this down with Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust, which is an all purpose barbecue seasoning. Get your Egg stable at 275°. Add your favorite wood, in this case I used cherry. Put your platesetter in legs up and put in a drip pan. I raised the drip pan up a 1/2 inch or so off of the platesitter, this will keep your drippings from burning. Next place your cooking grate and put on the roast.

I usually let this cook/smoke for ~3 hours. While this is cooking get your Dutch oven ready. After the 3 hours place the roast in the Dutch oven and pour your drippings and some beef broth or water halfway up the roast. Place the lid on the oven and put back in the Egg for ~2 hours or until fork tender and easy to shred. Raise your cooking temperature to ~300° at this time.

After the roast gets tender, shred the beef with some forks. You can also add your favorite barbecue sauce at this point. I do not like to add sauce because the flavor is so good by itself, you can always add sauce on your sandwich if desired.

After shredding place back on the smoker for an hour without the top on your pot. This will add some additional smoke flavor to your meat. When ready serve and enjoy. Leftovers can be warmed up and are great with a soft taco with your favorite toppings. Hope you enjoy!!

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